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Hudlicky M. Reductions in Organic Chemistry

Формат: Электронная/бумажная книга
Жанр: Органическая химия
Автор(ы): Hudlicky M.
Название: Reductions in Organic Chemistry

Аннотация: This book encompasses indiscriminately all the types of reductions and superimposes them over a matrix of types of compounds to be reduced. The manner of arrangement of the compounds is a somewhat modified Beilstein system and is explained in the introduction. Numerous tables summarize reducing agents and correlate them with the starting compounds and products of the reductions. Reaction conditions and yields of reductions are mentioned briefly in the text and demonstrated in 175 examples of reductions of simple types of compounds and in 50 experimental procedures. The material for the book has been collected from original papers (till the end of 1982) after screening Organic Syntheses, Theilheimer's Synthetic Methods, Harrison and Harrison's Compendium of Synthetic Methods, Fieser and Fieser's Reagents for Organic Synthesis, and author’s records of more or less systematic scanning of main organic chemistry journals.
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