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Andy Priaulx Andy Priaulx: The Autobiography of the Three-time World Touring Car Champion

Формат: Электронная/бумажная книга
Жанр: Спорт, фитнес
Автор(ы): Andy Priaulx
Название: Andy Priaulx: The Autobiography of the Three-time World Touring Car Champion
Издательство: HarperCollins

Аннотация: The inspiring autobiography of Britains three-time World Touring Car champion, and almost certainly this countrys best-kept sporting secret … until now!For someone who grew up on a small island with a speed limit of just 35 mph, Andy Priaulx drives his car awfully fast. But then the man from Guernsey is a hugely determined figure who has been fighting against the odds and performing the role of underdog throughout his entire career.In this his first book, Priaulx tells of how he has fought – tooth and claw, with virtually no back-up – for every sponsor, every car, every penny on his way to achieving his dream of one day becoming a world champion.With refreshing honesty, Priaulx reveals how he and his wife risked everything financially to get on the lower rungs of the motor racing ladder, even spending some time living in a borrowed caravan at the Silverstone circuit in an attempt to save money. «Pikey Priaulx» was his nickname at the time, but the story only goes to show how sacrifice and sheer bloody-mindedness can pay off.Priaulxs reserves of energy, enthusiasm and dedication – not to mention his natural talent – served him well as he won the European Touring Car Championship in 2004. Motor sports governing body, the FIA, recognises only three world championships – Formula 1, World Rally and World Touring Cars. Priaulx has won the WTC championship for the last three years, an unprecedented achievement.In fact, such has been Priaulxs success that he has been universally hailed as the greatest touring car driver of all time, and widely dubbed «Britains Schumacher». In 2007 Priaulx received the ultimate accolade when he was awarded the Gold Medal of the British Racing Drivers Club «in recognition of outstanding contemporary racing success». This was only the eighth time the Gold Medal has been awarded.Told in Andys energetic and engaging style, this is the story of that most rare of sporting beasts – a true British world champion.
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Andy Priaulx
Andy Priaulx: The Autobiography of the Three-time World Touring Car Champion
HarperCollins В наличии 235.57руб. Подробнее*

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