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Fynn Anna and the Black Knight: Incorporating Anna’s Book

Формат: Электронная/бумажная книга
Жанр: Зарубежная эзотерическая и религиозная литература
Автор(ы): Fynn
Название: Anna and the Black Knight: Incorporating Anna’s Book
Издательство: HarperCollins

Аннотация: Though her short life was vividly presented in Mister God, This is Anna, its huge success led to Fynn being inundated to write more about his experiences with her.Anna and the Black Knight introduces us to Mister John, a veteran of World War I and local schoolmaster, who was to have a profound effect on Anna. Annas astonishing capacity for looking at things from fresh perspectives, and her fascination with mathematics and Mister God, stands her in good stead as her life is opened up to new things, such as school, priests and motor cars.This sequel also includes the full text of Anna’s Book, reproductions of her own letters and writings. Her artless and transparent conversations speak to the heart and are recorded using her own unique and colourful spellings. The book is again illustrated throughout with Papas’s unequalled drawings.
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Anna and the Black Knight: Incorporating Anna’s Book
HarperCollins В наличии 575.91руб. Подробнее*

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